A poem for Lou Reed or How heroes die gracefully

Just found this poem I wrote at the news of Lou Reed’s death. I hate it when people go all apeshit when someone they don’t know dies, but because they’re in the public domain, all of a sudden, it’s tragic. But still, his death was the most beautiful and uplifting thing I had heard about in ages. Here’s my tribute to that:

“Hey Lou
What’s is all for?
Are we doing it for the masses
Or are we settling scores?
I feel so disconnected

Hey Lou
I heard it was peaceful
Dancing trees and lights
I heard it was alright
Yeah, alright

Hey Lou
I didn’t know you
and you didn’t know me
but heroes never die gracefully
But you, Lou,
Showed them all

Hey Lou
The times are a changing’
And the times are stranger
But so much love just doesn’t leave
When a heart stops beating”

The Cods are alive!!

Yes, we are in deed. We’ve been working away on some tunes, of which we’ve shared 2 in Rehearsal recordings on the Soundcloud, for, well it won’t really be a pleasure, but I’m sure you’ll get a kick in hearing what we’re up to. Just need to record it in a listenable way.

On another topic, I was shocked to log in today and find over 1000 Spam Comments waiting to be approved … uggh. Anyways, good excuse to check in more often. Enjoy the new sounds, show some love (no, not you stupid bot).

xx The Cods

THIEVES!!!!! LIARS!!!!! THIEVES!!!!!!! LIARS!!!!!!!!

Alright, so I may be overeacting, but I hate all these “Social Media Music” sites that send you “Opportunities” only to, at the very last minute, on the very last click, tell you that you know have to pay to submit one of your songs to their crappy “opportunity”.

I guess I’m naive to think there is such a thing as a break … Of course, this “opportunity” would not have been the break, but at least, I would’ve had that 5 minute daydream, like when I buy a Lotto ticket.

For those wondering what’s going on with us, not much, we’re rehearsing, the 2 of us, working on some new stuff, but not getting anywhere. WE NEED A FUCKING BASS PLAYER. Can anybody help?

Blisterin’ !!!

We rehearsed last night. Don’t know if it was the heat or the few days off, but it was blistering! We’re also working on new stuff, but it’s not finished and we can’t seem to get further with it. And, Ralf wrote a song! Well a chord progression, and we’re going to work together on it. Hopefully, we have a breakthrough and we flood you with new stuff soon! Much love, THE CODS.


Just thought I would write a little something to let everyone know what’s going on. This week we started recording a new song, “Dunce Cap”, that we’re really hoping to share with you soon. We’re just not super quick on recording all the parts and mixing it together into something we can share openly. The drums sound great, just evtg else is a bit, you know, not so tight.

We’ll be taking a bit of a break at the end of July and early August, well-deserved Summer Holidays. It will give us a bit of time to perhaps write some new stuff or give the time to older stuff to rest, so that we can pick it up fresh.

We are still without a bassist and although it doesn’t really makeĀ a big difference day to day, it would just be great to have that stability, so we could start plotting a show. We’re a bit lazy in looking, but also, we realize that they’re somewhat of a hot commodity in Berlin (I guess everywhere, too!). Like someone pointed out, The Cramps managed over 20 yrs without one, and Sonic Youth managed for a couple of records without one … but we’d still like to have one. So if you know someone, pass it along!

Further down the line, I think we will be exploring singing in other languages than English.

Ralf has gotten himself some fancy new midi keyboard and will start working on composing and developping some of our ideas further. We’ve worked on some lovely harmonies with Judith and hopefully, will have time over the Summer to get those perfect! Romain is busy with his first stint as composer for a theater piece and will be on tour (I think) over the Summer and again in the Fall.

So that’s The Cods, for now. Thanks for reading mom!